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Helia Benefits

Helia moves security teams from reactive to proactive


Security teams often learn about breaches and watchlist violations only after they have become incidents (theft, violence, etc).


Helia's AI autonomously monitors all your existing security cameras, and alerts security teams of breaches in real time, allowing officers to respond before the breach can escalate.


Breach detection ensures that only authorized employees are ever in your spaces. All this without expensive, high friction turnstiles or printed BOLO lists.


Enterprise risk reports quantify risk over time allowing security leaders to uncover access control vulnerabilities and allocate guard staffing optimally.

Helia Capabilities

Stop Unauthorized Tailgating

Helia integrates with existing security cameras and access control systems to monitor all your doors for tailgating.

Security teams are notified of tailgating incidents in real time, along with a video clip of the event, allowing for quick identification, triage, and response.

Look out for People of Interest

Helia immediately notifies security teams if a Person of Interest (PoI) is seen on any security cameras.

Rather than distributing printed sheets to security officers, enrolling a PoI on Helia is easy: simply upload a picture.

Quantify Enterprise Risk

Helia identifies porous entrances to your facilities by aggregating tailgating incidents over time, and quantifying the risk they pose to your organization.

This allows security leaders to appropriately allocate officers to riskier areas, and reduce guard spend on safer parts of a facility.

Measure improvements in security.

Occupancy Dashboards

Helia builds occupancy reports of all spaces in your building with minute-level granularity.

Using existing cameras alone, this data provides real estate and facilities teams the information they need to optimize costs, and comply with COVID-19 best practices.

“Our real-world experience with Helia has been even more impressive than the demo. Using Helia, we caught and swiftly addressed true access control incidents within the first week of our deployment.”

Ryan Schonfeld CEO, RAS Security Group

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